New Student

Handling of new student

==Before Day of Class==

Ayumi to notify teacher / assistant and Doris on the following:

  • name of new student
  • English experience
  • allergy
  • tuition paid or not
  • if friend of existing student, please inform too
  • orientation or not


== At Class==

  • T and A to greet student and parents, introduce yourself (explain there are 2 teachers in rotation for the class to enhance teaching quality)
  • tell kid the routines: where to put their bags, how to sit properly, coin system
  • do “What’s your name?” in class to welcome in introduce new kid to class. Do Rules.
  • allow parent to stay in class (but sit together with kid) if they want to
  • tune level down when requiring answer form new kid (eg instead of Thank you very much, just  have them say “Thank you.”), and gradually increase your requirement when kid get used to the environment. If kid has no Eng experience, give kid tasks like holding the book or cards instead.
  • do not push kid to participate if he doesn’t want to. But attract his attention by making fun and praise big when he participates.
  • if kid cries, it’s ok to give hugs and also ask mom to join. Gradually decrease mom time, by agreeing with kid to have mom stay until snack time, and then tune your snack time earlier and earlier every lesson.
  • snack time, remind kid not to start eating before we say let’s eat. Explain to kid how to exchange, and that after one song has to clean up and can bring snack home to eat (in Japanese OK)
  • during ABC writing and craft time, make sure new kid know how to hold a pencil and handling of scissors.
  • end of class, must go to new kid and tell him he did well


== Orientation ==

If there is no class before or after,  please set 10 min orientation with student. If there is class before or after, ask mom to stay behind after class for a short talk.

  • Explain 英語探検隊 is under KEYS International School
  • Collect tuition if kid hasn’t paid
  • Give student handbook package (Student handbook + Forms + School Calendar+ Passport if applicable)
  • Explain:
    1. KEYS hp, student area, password, class link
    2. KEYS contact method (email, phone, emergency contact)
    3. ask parent to read student handbook at home and return 4 forms next week (admission agreement, photo agreement, personal information agreement, insurance agreement)
    4. ask parent to go to SA to input (1) student information sheet : for insurance purpose so make sure info is correct (2) textbook order form
    5. textbook fee to be paid next lesson, tuition to be paid every end of month for next month (before 27th of every month). There will be late charges.
    6. class link: tell parents must read every week
    7. make-up class application method
    8. school calendar: no class on red days
    9. passport (for Lollipop, Jelly, Ice-cream class): ask parent to stick family picture. We will not give kid to anyone not on the picture without prior notice. Remember to fill in page 1 and 2 of passport.
  • If there’s no time, just mention points 1,3,4,6 and ask parent to read handbook.
  • collect forms next class and make sure all are signed

== Administration after first class ==

  • check student info sheet [Ayumi]  and add student to insurance [Doris]
  • check textbook order form [Ayumi] and order textbook [Doris]
  • deliver textbook [Doris]