Megumi– Short classes

  • pick up kids, kids have to say “May I come in” to enter classroom
  • Have kids put their bags, go to washroom if needed (* try to get kids to go to washroom before pick up) , if possible place some activities on the tables for kids to do
  • Name badge
    • K1: call their names, kids have to say Me! / It’s me / I’m here! etc, gradually increasing the difficulty. Have to help kid put on their badge in the beginning
    • K2: put badges on the table and they have to find their name
    • K3:  have kids read others’ names
  • Hello Song
  • Circle time (no need to be in a circle, this part is done by assistant teacher if there is one)
    • Vocabulary Chant
      • use the A3 poster & MP3 from “Talking Time 1”
      • 1st time listen, 2nd time repeat
      • have kids jump when they say the words
    • ABC
      • K1: ABC song
      • K2: ABC song + letter sound gestures
      • K3: only letter sound gestures
    • Phonics anchor cards
      • K1:  /c/ /c/ cat
      • K2: c, /c/ /c/ cat
      • K3: c says /c/ /c/ cat
    • Doman cards
      • K1 & K2 & AM same deck
      • K3 & ele same deck
    • Pre-teaching flash cards
  • M&M (music and movement): review the songs that is taught
  • Main theme:
    • K1: Sing & Play Blue
    • K2: Happy Valley 2
    • K3: Happy Valley 3
  • Assistant teacher go pick up kids for next class, ask them to go to bathroom, sit them down outside the door and read a story when waiting
  • Story time if possible
  • Wrap up, pack bags
  • parents pick-up, send kids back

If there’s extra time:

  • repeat “Talking Time”
  • running games

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