• [Toyosu] Always check if you have the sign up outside the room, open the door at class time
  • Greet kids and greet parents, notice kids’/ mom’s new shoes, bags, haircut – they will feel so close if you can notice changes in them. Have kids say “Mommy see you later!” and go in. Parents do not come into the classroom.
  • Ele class: send arrival message to parents if kid arrives alone
  • Passport: (Monthly Schedule book)
    • ask /teach what month it is so as to turn the page to the right month. Tell kids, it’s Friday today, which Friday is it? Mar 1? Mar 8? etc (to teach how to say dates)
    • check how many stamps they got on their passport, praise them for the effort
    • ask a question if time allows, to give kid a sticker
    • keep the passports
  • Payment / documents
    • if there are things to collect from parents, always ask before class starts (so that if they forget sometimes they can bring after class)
    • every last week of the month: check on passport if tuition payment is required. Get payment and sign on passport. Always put money in envelop and write kid’s name + class on it. Keep the money/ document and hand to Doris next meeting.
  • Elementary classes homework check
    • take out the homework answer files, have kids check their homework themselves and bring it to you afterwards
    • check oral tasks and give coin for every piece of homework done
  • Mark attendance on Class Dojo > attendance. Use this time to do individual greetings.

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