Megumi manual

1. Before lesson 

  • Check for absent kids on Megumi Absence Response Sheet
  • Check lesson material. Go through the flashcards and worksheets etc.
  • Prep room. (get chairs, tables and lesson materials out of the storage room)

2. Picking up & returning of students

please read this post carefully


3. After ELE class

  • Clean up room (have kids return chairs before end of class)
  • Remind kids to go home directly and not play around in the school


What to do when there is a trial kid


  • Short greeting when picking up the kid. (今日初めてだね。私は…先生です. etc
    Show S where to put bag
  • Ask, where S wants to sit
  • If kid is very shy stay a little closer to this kid

Teacher (after lesson):

  • If kid came alone: T will go to kid and say that S has done a good job.
  • If kid came with parent: go to parent and tell how S has done. Tell them that if they are interested in joining they would get an entry form next time or a PDF as mail attachment. Tell them if they have questions later they can always contact us/school via our homepage (mail or call)
Kid who join as 1st lesson
  • T: Hand out the entry form (best: at the beginning of the lesson)
  • During lesson: Watch S a little closer. Praise S for every little effort. Help S to join the lesson.
  • If kid is very hesitant A can stay a little closer to the kid and help him/her to follow the lesson.
Kid who get a fever or sick in class

Hand over to class teacher. (usually the class teacher will hold kid back or let them pick up by parent)

Kid wet his pants in class

A: Take all of S belongings and hand S over to class teacher. (teacher has a set of second clothes downstairs). Don’t make S come back to lesson. (too much time has already passed that S will find it difficult to catch up.)

Open class for moms to view
  • T: Do class as usual. (Give a short info about the flow. Like that changing activities are done in the 2nd half of the lesson time…)
  • A: If there is a mom with baby offer her a seat. Otherwise no seats are offered as it will be very crowded and worse moms will start to chat and disturb the class. Make sure the room to the storage room is locked. (some moms will start to serve themselves)
kid got injured that we have to tell insurance
  • Go to class teacher if possible with kid.
  • Write down every detail about the incident. (exact time, where, how) and report to KEYS Office after class.
Lesson bag

A: Check if there are Ss who always forget/don’t bring their lesson bag despite having them reminded about it. Write down their names and inform KEYS Office


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