KEYS Philosophy

  • Our classes do no end with pure entertainment. Lessons are fun but not just fun. All games and activities are planned for specific target learning outcomes.
  • Our classes are super intensive. Not one minute of the class is being wasted. Tasks that can be done at home (eg CD listening, book reading, video watching) are being sent home as homework instead of using up precious interactive time with teachers in class.
  • We see English as a global language, more as a tool to communicate with the world. Therefore we embrace the different accents of the English language.
  • We focus on communication rather than grammatical correctness. We achieve this by offering an open atmosphere where we encourage students to make mistakes.
  • Teachers are close to the jp culture and we make use of the jp language making sure that students understand safety instructions and rules. Shy kids will also have a lower hurdle to participate.
  • We put effort in not only knowing each kid’s level of English but also knowing each kid’s learning style and make use of different approaches
  • We offer many different classes for every age, level and need.
  • Kids are put together by their level not by their age using the Montessori method where stronger or older kids can help the weaker ones which will lead to build up their confidence and the weaker ones are more likely to ask their peers instead of the teacher. All in all we provide them a more natural atmosphere. Teachers know their kids well adjust their language / standards to individual kids.
  • We offer outdoor classes where we try to use English in an everyday situation. Phrases and vocabulary will be more memorable by connecting those with the special situation they have experienced.
  • We put a lot of effort in curriculum planning. We have shift most our textbooks into independent publishers, where we establish direct communication with the authors/ publishers, gaining insight into valuable advices and trainings. 
  • As an independent school we can easily change our curriculum according to our students’ need and are  flexible in pace and depth
  • We offer small classes where teachers can be close to each of our students. Class size is normally 1:8 (except Megumi, make-up  kids not included).
  • We believe in kids’ abilities. We encourage them to try and take up new challenges. Kids often surprise grown-ups of what they are able to do.

Proven results: compared to other schools, our students are on a higher level.


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