• you will receive an email invite to your timelog on Google Drive
  • this file is private between you and finance, no other co-workers will be able to view it

How to

  • input every time after your class / meeting / admin
  • always wait for the file to finish loading completely, or the formulas will not work
  • Beginning of month (every 21st)
    • start a new tab. eg from Jan 21st you should use the Feb tab
    • input the month on top
  • teaching
    • If you are T, only input at T and leave A blank.
    • input length of the class at T or A. Every 1hr10m -1hr20m class you will be paid for 1.5 hrs, every 40-50min class you will be paid for 1hr
  • admin
    • input in minutes
    • must state details of the task
    • can have multiple entries a day, eg “name badge making for 10m, flashcard writing for 10m”
  • transportation
    • input actual cost, round-trip for a day from home to classroom, or from classroom to classroom
    • max 1000yen a day
    • reason: class, meeting, etc
  • meeting / training
    • CT = company training = training on topics specific to working at KEYS. All are paid, plus transportation.
    • ST = skills training = general teaching skill training. Paid for experienced teachers, unpaid for new teachers, please check your contract.
  • Patty cash
    • all the money that you have spent for the company this month, eg items from 100yen shop. Always ask before buying.
    • sponsorship on outside training (approval needed). eg if the training is 2000yen and you are pre-approved for sponsorship of half of the fee, add 1000yen to your patty cash
    • put all invoices in an envelop with your name and the month, pass it or post it to Doris at the end of the month


  • always input it online, if you download it and input, nothing will be recorded in the system
  • you can download the file for record after cut-off day
  • do not type on the 0 areas, where the formulas are at
  • to continue the formulas on the next cell: click the last cell with the formula > click on the small square on the bottom right of the cell > drag it down to as far as you like

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