Level Lime (Regular)

+ Megumi K2K3 Long (Helicopter, Airplane)

Opening / Circle time

Phonics time

    • phonics exercise
    • New Alphabet Starters
      • there are 4 pages for a unit. Eg this is B for this week
      • p.2 of A, quick color (say  /a-a/ apple). When class reaches pre-reading level: T write the word on board and have S find and circle in their book.
      • check HW of A
      • p.1 of B, quick color + say B /b/ ball
      • give homework: p.3 small kid, p.4 big kids

Snack time

  • Megumi: break time

Core time

  • Jimmy’s Magic House 1 (including phonics)


  • summary
  • explain homework
  • coins / passport / give homework
  • clean up
  • goodbye

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