Pickup and return of kids

** very important, please read in details

updated: 2017/5/11

Before class each week

  • Short-T: always check absent/ change list and share with the team.
  • A: always inform K3 / Panda / Kuma teacher before 1st pick up. Remember which M teacher you have talked to.


pickup of Students (K3/panada/kuma)

  • never let kids come up to English room themselves. If they do, ask them to go back and remind them to wait for teacher’s pick up.
  • pick up kids early enough for the class to start on time. Short class: T to pick up. Long class: A to pick up.
  • make sure the classroom is ready before you pick up the kids. Any dangerous items (scissors, small items) keep them high out of kid’s reach, in case any kid (even not our students) go in the room when T is not there.
  • always put a tick on the name list when picking up kid. Do the check at the pick-up room, do not wait until when you are at EN room.
  • Scenario: S is not on absent list, but not at pick-up room
    • do not trust other kids even if they say that kid is absent today, went home or whatever. Always confirm with a teacher.
    • if M teacher says S is going to be absent > mark S name and send back to KEYS office, so office can contact parents to make sure they input in “absent” list
    • if S should not be absent but is not in the room > communicate with M teacher, have M teacher find the kid (if the kid is enrolled in Kuma or Panda it is M teacher’s responsibility to have them in the room). Take all other kids up to EN room, tell M teacher to bring the kid up (tell M teacher which room) when they find the kid. Take note of time, if S still didn’t show up for some time, ask A to go down and check again

General guideline:

  • when there is problem with 1 S, take the other kids up to EN classroom first, hand over to T, and then go back to get the S
  • always write down S name, M teacher name, and always report back to KEYS office so we can communicate with parents.


return of students (panada/kuma)

  • count the number of S to return and check against name list before leaving EN room (have S count themselves, it is a good EN practice)
  • note down any S that is usually Panda / Kuma but parent pick up today
  • take S directly inside panda/kuma room. S will carry all their bags inside the room.M teacher will take care of everything else.
  • give S to M teachers, fill in the count sheet, and any changes. Remember which teacher did you hand the kids to.


at the stairs

  • always gather S together and walk together. Do not let S go ahead.
  • no running or getting on the slides allowed.
  • A/T to name which S to walk in front, give S responsibility to keep all the S together.
  • A/T to always walk at the back and have all S in sight. Ask S to slow down if needed.
  • Do not allow any other activities (including going to washroom, parent picking up at the corridor, going to the school nurse etc) . The goal is to transfer S from EN room until the hands of M teachers, nothing in between.
  • be strict on safety, use Japanese to tell S what to do. It is ok to be harsh on S if they do not obey. Note down kids’ name and report to KEYS office. Praise the kids for good behavior.
  • if any S got hurt, refuse to walk, etc, carry him/her to panda/kuma room. Do not let one kid create a problem for the whole group.


S come / pick up by parents

  • if S come late, do not blame S. If S is late for multiple times, confirm that parent knows the correct class time.
  • when parent pick-up:
    • all parents will have to say S full name as a security measure. Even if T knows the parent’s face well, this step is not to be skipped.
    • all parents should have a M parent card (that they usually put around their neck). Do ask for it (politely but have to ask) if it is a parent (or grandparent) that you are not familiar with.
  • if parent is late for pick up:
    • keep S in EN classroom if there is a T in the classroom. If not T in classroom, bring the S together with you to pick up/ return the other kids and then return with kid to EN classroom
    • remind parent class time, and that there will be 1 lesson fee charge if parents are late for 10 mins when the next class starts. Tell parents to come pick up 5min before end of class.
    • report back to KEYS office


Person in charge

  • pick up of K3 kids (at their classroom): Short T, Long A
  • pick up and return of kids in between: Long A
  • pick up of Rocket kids at 4:30: Long A
    • stay at school entrance and let the kids in
    • do not let them use the door bell
    • once they are in, do not let the kids leave school (even if they forgot something at home next door, etc)
    • ask kids to go up directly to EN room, SIT outside the back door to wait.
  • At 4:40, Long A go back to Short room and return K1 kids together with Short T
  • pick up and return of K1 kids: Short T AND Long A together
  • After returning of K1 kids, Long A stay at entrance to receive Rainbow kids. Short T return to classroom to prepare for class.
  • All elementary classes, T must send confirmation message to parents through class Dojo: 入室しました(にゅうしつ: entered room), 退室しました (たいしつ: left room)