Level Lime (Regular)

+ Megumi K2K3 Long (Helicopter, Airplane)

Opening / Circle time

Phonics time

    • phonics exercise
    • New Alphabet Starters
      • there are 4 pages for a unit. Eg this is B for this week
      • p.2 of A, quick color (say  /a-a/ apple). When class reaches pre-reading level: T write the word on board and have S find and circle in their book.
      • check HW of A
      • p.1 of B, quick color + say B /b/ ball
      • give homework: p.3 small kid, p.4 big kids

Snack time

  • Megumi: break time

Core time

  • Jimmy’s Magic House 1 (including phonics)


  • summary
  • explain homework
  • coins / passport / give homework
  • clean up
  • goodbye

Megumi– Short classes

  • pick up kids, kids have to say “May I come in” to enter classroom
  • Have kids put their bags, go to washroom if needed (* try to get kids to go to washroom before pick up) , if possible place some activities on the tables for kids to do
  • Name badge
    • K1: call their names, kids have to say Me! / It’s me / I’m here! etc, gradually increasing the difficulty. Have to help kid put on their badge in the beginning
    • K2: put badges on the table and they have to find their name
    • K3:  have kids read others’ names
  • Hello Song
  • Circle time (no need to be in a circle, this part is done by assistant teacher if there is one)
    • Vocabulary Chant
      • use the A3 poster & MP3 from “Talking Time 1”
      • 1st time listen, 2nd time repeat
      • have kids jump when they say the words
    • ABC
      • K1: ABC song
      • K2: ABC song + letter sound gestures
      • K3: only letter sound gestures
    • Phonics anchor cards
      • K1:  /c/ /c/ cat
      • K2: c, /c/ /c/ cat
      • K3: c says /c/ /c/ cat
    • Doman cards
      • K1 & K2 & AM same deck
      • K3 & ele same deck
    • Pre-teaching flash cards
  • M&M (music and movement): review the songs that is taught
  • Main theme:
    • K1: Sing & Play Blue
    • K2: Happy Valley 2
    • K3: Happy Valley 3
  • Assistant teacher go pick up kids for next class, ask them to go to bathroom, sit them down outside the door and read a story when waiting
  • Story time if possible
  • Wrap up, pack bags
  • parents pick-up, send kids back

If there’s extra time:

  • repeat “Talking Time”
  • running games


  • [Toyosu] Always check if you have the sign up outside the room, open the door at class time
  • Greet kids and greet parents, notice kids’/ mom’s new shoes, bags, haircut – they will feel so close if you can notice changes in them. Have kids say “Mommy see you later!” and go in. Parents do not come into the classroom.
  • Ele class: send arrival message to parents if kid arrives alone
  • Passport: (Monthly Schedule book)
    • ask /teach what month it is so as to turn the page to the right month. Tell kids, it’s Friday today, which Friday is it? Mar 1? Mar 8? etc (to teach how to say dates)
    • check how many stamps they got on their passport, praise them for the effort
    • ask a question if time allows, to give kid a sticker
    • keep the passports
  • Payment / documents
    • if there are things to collect from parents, always ask before class starts (so that if they forget sometimes they can bring after class)
    • every last week of the month: check on passport if tuition payment is required. Get payment and sign on passport. Always put money in envelop and write kid’s name + class on it. Keep the money/ document and hand to Doris next meeting.
  • Elementary classes homework check
    • take out the homework answer files, have kids check their homework themselves and bring it to you afterwards
    • check oral tasks and give coin for every piece of homework done
  • Mark attendance on Class Dojo > attendance. Use this time to do individual greetings.

Circle Time

Skip / modify any of the followings once your class can achieve any of these points. Do those point occasionally as revision and if new kids are joining

The following can be done in any order you feel best for your class

  • Hello song + any other opening songs
  • Vocabulary Chant: Talking Time 1 (use the A3 poster)
  • Where’s the mat? There it is! / Who can help me? I can help!
  • I take off my shoes > for smaller kids check if they have lined up the shoes nicely and praise them
  • sitting nicely > May I have a coin please?
  • weather / temperature
  • month / days of the week (use all days don’t just as what day is today, class is always on the same day) / season / today is.. yesterday was… tomorrow will be… / season
  • greeting questions: What’s your name? I am … (first introduce I am … when they are familiar use My name is… ) , age, what are you wearing, how are you (not just fine..) why, what did you do last week, when is your birthday, nice to meet you, etc.
  • Doman flashcards: look up, look down, look at the (to teach things in the room) .. look here. 1st time slowly with clear pronunciation, 2nd time super fast to initiate right-brain activity
  • Pre-teach flashcards: run through flashcards of the topic you are going to teach next (not in this unit) so students get familiarized with the words easily
  • (kinder class) PD
    • week 1: presentation
      • talk about the picture, say the words/expressions, sing the song and point
    • week 2: recognition “which”
      • sing the song
      • say a word and ask kids to point
      • correct > stamp
    • week 3: recall “what”
      • revision
      • point to a word and ask kids what is it
      • correct > give a sticker
      • all correct > give a big sticker, big praise
    • week 4: reinforcement
      • continue the check, aim at all clear
      • * for lower ability classes, can do reinforcement in week 2, and start checking on week 3
  • Whenever we talk about plural forms, have kids move their hands like a snake when saying “s”
  • I put on my shoes > get the bigger kids to help folding the mat and start sitting the smaller kids
  • “May I have a chair please?” > arrange seats strategically! Only allow kids to choose their seats as a prize