• [Toyosu] Always check if you have the sign up outside the room, open the door at class time
  • Greet kids and greet parents, notice kids’/ mom’s new shoes, bags, haircut – they will feel so close if you can notice changes in them. Have kids say “Mommy see you later!” and go in. Parents do not come into the classroom.
  • Ele class: send arrival message to parents if kid arrives alone
  • Passport: (Monthly Schedule book)
    • ask /teach what month it is so as to turn the page to the right month. Tell kids, it’s Friday today, which Friday is it? Mar 1? Mar 8? etc (to teach how to say dates)
    • check how many stamps they got on their passport, praise them for the effort
    • ask a question if time allows, to give kid a sticker
    • keep the passports
  • Payment / documents
    • if there are things to collect from parents, always ask before class starts (so that if they forget sometimes they can bring after class)
    • every last week of the month: check on passport if tuition payment is required. Get payment and sign on passport. Always put money in envelop and write kid’s name + class on it. Keep the money/ document and hand to Doris next meeting.
  • Elementary classes homework check
    • take out the homework answer files, have kids check their homework themselves and bring it to you afterwards
    • check oral tasks and give coin for every piece of homework done
  • Mark attendance on Class Dojo > attendance. Use this time to do individual greetings.

Circle Time

Skip / modify any of the followings once your class can achieve any of these points. Do those point occasionally as revision and if new kids are joining

The following can be done in any order you feel best for your class

  • Hello song + any other opening songs
  • Vocabulary Chant: Talking Time 1 (use the A3 poster)
  • Where’s the mat? There it is! / Who can help me? I can help!
  • I take off my shoes > for smaller kids check if they have lined up the shoes nicely and praise them
  • sitting nicely > May I have a coin please?
  • weather / temperature
  • month / days of the week (use all days don’t just as what day is today, class is always on the same day) / season / today is.. yesterday was… tomorrow will be… / season
  • greeting questions: What’s your name? I am … (first introduce I am … when they are familiar use My name is… ) , age, what are you wearing, how are you (not just fine..) why, what did you do last week, when is your birthday, nice to meet you, etc.
  • Doman flashcards: look up, look down, look at the (to teach things in the room) .. look here. 1st time slowly with clear pronunciation, 2nd time super fast to initiate right-brain activity
  • Pre-teach flashcards: run through flashcards of the topic you are going to teach next (not in this unit) so students get familiarized with the words easily
  • (kinder class) PD
    • week 1: presentation
      • talk about the picture, say the words/expressions, sing the song and point
    • week 2: recognition “which”
      • sing the song
      • say a word and ask kids to point
      • correct > stamp
    • week 3: recall “what”
      • revision
      • point to a word and ask kids what is it
      • correct > give a sticker
      • all correct > give a big sticker, big praise
    • week 4: reinforcement
      • continue the check, aim at all clear
      • * for lower ability classes, can do reinforcement in week 2, and start checking on week 3
  • Whenever we talk about plural forms, have kids move their hands like a snake when saying “s”
  • I put on my shoes > get the bigger kids to help folding the mat and start sitting the smaller kids
  • “May I have a chair please?” > arrange seats strategically! Only allow kids to choose their seats as a prize

Keys Systems

Please check the systems below and familiarize yourself with them.

1. KEYS Homepage

2. Student Area (SA)

    • from our homepage, find the “student area” button. The password is “Jingle”

3. Class Link (CL) – for Megumi AM class

    • [To read] Inside SA on top there are names of classes, when you click them it leads you to “Class Link”, which is the class blog we write to parents
    • [To write] Go to and log in, click new post, ALWAYS click the category (your class) and uncheck “uncategorized”. New teachers are required to only save as draft and email Doris for checking, until getting approval you can directly post.
    • to let them know (1) what happened in class (2) homework and revisions (3) recommended videos (4) other announcements  e.g. what to bring next class
    • Teachers are required to write the blog within the day, or the day after the class.
    • Japanese grammar mistakes are OK. We have informed parents that teachers are trying hard to write. If in doubt, write BOTH Japanese and English.
    • English mistakes and typos are NOT OK as you are an English educator. Always double check and use spell check.

4. Class Dojo – for all PM classes

    • You should have received an email invite.
    • If you are substituting a class, please ask KEYS office to grant you permission to class dojo for that particular class
    • [Attendance] Record attendance every class. Parents cannot see this.
    • [Message] For elementary kids who come by themselves to class and if they are going to be late, parents are asked to directly send an inbox message to teacher so teacher will know the whereabouts of the kid. If kid didn’t show up after some time and you didn’t get any message from parents, message the parents, if no reply, call admin for help and make sure you get hold of parents to inform that the kid is not seen yet.
    • [Message]Parents are asked to email KEYS office for questions, and teachers are forbidden to contact with parents even through Class Dojo to avoid unnecessary troubles. If parents ask admin questions on Class Dojo, copy the message to office.
    • Class management points can be given to students. They don’t get a prize but parents can see the points and reasons. This function is optional, manly for classes with behavioral problems.
    • [Class story] After-class report: write as CL above. You can also upload photos and videos to let parents know what you did in class.
    • Trick: adding a student with your email address as parent so you can send yourself messages and notes to check next class. Using the name as A A makes it the 1st student on the list.

5. Absent/ make up system

Megumi : Response Sheet  (bookmark it in your browser please, no login required) > no make-up system
Others: Response Sheet (bookmark it in your browser please, no login required)
Exceptions: classes with no make-up system, simply send message on Class Dojo if absent (Toyosu: Candy | Tsukishima: Dolphin | Myoden: all classes]

    • whenever students will be absent they will have to fill out the form inside Student Area.
    • before every lesson teachers are required to check the form as to prepare your lesson materials (eg if you have one extra make-up student you may need one more copy of the worksheet), and to delete old entries
    • keep homework / worksheets for absent students in their files and give them to mom with verbal instructions in his next class

6. Dropbox

    • [teacher share] contains all lesson-related materials. Only download those are related to your class. Teachers are strictly forbidden to use these materials outside KEYS class, else a school franchising fee will occur. Use this link to download the files.
    • [teacher & admin share] contains all administrative info that will be share between admin staff and teachers
    • be VERY careful NOT to delete or overwrite any files.
    • Always close the files on your computer when you are done using it. If you are modifying the file and someone else are doing so to, not all the finals will be saved.

7. Teacher Roster

    • in dropbox > teachers and admin share
    • T = teacher, A = Assistant teacher, Mtg = Meeting, SB = standby, O= observation / non-paid training, Sub = urgent substitute, Admin = administrative tasks
    • New changes are marked in red. Important items are marked with a yellow background.
    • Always email to confirm roster. Special roster requests are open, the earlier you make the request the more possible it will be.

8. KEYS Facebook Page

    • News and photos about English education, as well as our school and small announcements are being uploaded
    • be very careful with your personal facebook account setting, because if you like our school page parents can find your personal facebook. If your posts are set as public parents will be able to all your private life, and this is forbidden as per school rules. (Teachers are forbidden to communicate directly with parents outside class time)

9. Classroom Entrance / Exit system for elementary kids

    • For all elementary kids classes, notification is sent to parents when the kids enter our classroom, or leave the classroom by themselves.
    • At Class Dojo > Class > Message > select the kid who are in, simply type “arrived” and send to parents.
    • If kid left alone: type “left classroom”

10. Workplace

    • Facebook-like SNS for internal use. Your personal facebook information will not be shared.
    • Must install the Work Chat app on your phone. Urgent messages will be sent on Workplace (eg this kid will have to leave early today, collect cash from this kid, etc)
    • Click “like” on posts to show you have read the post. Feel free to comment, post and communicate with each other.

11. Youtube Channels

    • KEYS English Official Channel
    • KEYS Internal Channel: videos strictly for internal use. All staff are authorized upload rights as a “communication manager” of the Channel.
    • See [Idea Bank] post for uploading details

12. Trello

    • for keeping track of tasks (mainly admin tasks) : who does what, are the tasks completed, discussions about the tasks
    • please keep all the discussions inside the same card so it can be easily followed (not some parts on email and some parts on Trello)
    • all cards will be deleted upon completion together with their attachments. Do save necessary files in your computer.
    • when tasks are completed, always delete them (you have to first click achieve, and delete)
    • if you want more admin work / less admin work, please add a card on your pile.

X’mas Songs

Baby / Toddler / K1


Lower Elementary

Staff Family Class Discount

The following discount is offered to staff family members (kids / siblings)

Number of Registered Student in Class  –>  Price for Staff Family Members

1-3 student –> Free
4-5 students –> 75% of tuition
6 students or more –> 100% of tuition

General Rules

  • Must buy all textbooks for the class
  • Must register and pay for insurance
  • No registration fee, maintenance fee
  • Payment method: first 2 months by cash, afterwards by bank autopay (autopay charges applies)
  • Teacher do not get a student bonus for staff discount students, so it can be a good idea to present your teacher a little gift
  • Must fill in all application forms
  • Must attend class as much as possible (be like a regular student), do revision and homework
  • No make-up classes
  • Must be well-behaved and not add to class management burden. When student creates problems, teacher has the right to request student to leave
  • Must pick-up on time
  • KEYS reserve the right to change and terminate this discount, or registration of the student, at any time.

How to apply

Email Doris indicating desired class and student info, including English experience.

New Student

Handling of new student

==Before Day of Class==

Ayumi to notify teacher / assistant and Doris on the following:

  • name of new student
  • English experience
  • allergy
  • tuition paid or not
  • if friend of existing student, please inform too
  • orientation or not


== At Class==

  • T and A to greet student and parents, introduce yourself (explain there are 2 teachers in rotation for the class to enhance teaching quality)
  • tell kid the routines: where to put their bags, how to sit properly, coin system
  • do “What’s your name?” in class to welcome in introduce new kid to class. Do Rules.
  • allow parent to stay in class (but sit together with kid) if they want to
  • tune level down when requiring answer form new kid (eg instead of Thank you very much, just  have them say “Thank you.”), and gradually increase your requirement when kid get used to the environment. If kid has no Eng experience, give kid tasks like holding the book or cards instead.
  • do not push kid to participate if he doesn’t want to. But attract his attention by making fun and praise big when he participates.
  • if kid cries, it’s ok to give hugs and also ask mom to join. Gradually decrease mom time, by agreeing with kid to have mom stay until snack time, and then tune your snack time earlier and earlier every lesson.
  • snack time, remind kid not to start eating before we say let’s eat. Explain to kid how to exchange, and that after one song has to clean up and can bring snack home to eat (in Japanese OK)
  • during ABC writing and craft time, make sure new kid know how to hold a pencil and handling of scissors.
  • end of class, must go to new kid and tell him he did well


== Orientation ==

If there is no class before or after,  please set 10 min orientation with student. If there is class before or after, ask mom to stay behind after class for a short talk.

  • Explain 英語探検隊 is under KEYS International School
  • Collect tuition if kid hasn’t paid
  • Give student handbook package (Student handbook + Forms + School Calendar+ Passport if applicable)
  • Explain:
    1. KEYS hp, student area, password, class link
    2. KEYS contact method (email, phone, emergency contact)
    3. ask parent to read student handbook at home and return 4 forms next week (admission agreement, photo agreement, personal information agreement, insurance agreement)
    4. ask parent to go to SA to input (1) student information sheet : for insurance purpose so make sure info is correct (2) textbook order form
    5. textbook fee to be paid next lesson, tuition to be paid every end of month for next month (before 27th of every month). There will be late charges.
    6. class link: tell parents must read every week
    7. make-up class application method
    8. school calendar: no class on red days
    9. passport (for Lollipop, Jelly, Ice-cream class): ask parent to stick family picture. We will not give kid to anyone not on the picture without prior notice. Remember to fill in page 1 and 2 of passport.
  • If there’s no time, just mention points 1,3,4,6 and ask parent to read handbook.
  • collect forms next class and make sure all are signed

== Administration after first class ==

  • check student info sheet [Ayumi]  and add student to insurance [Doris]
  • check textbook order form [Ayumi] and order textbook [Doris]
  • deliver textbook [Doris]