Staff Family Class Discount

The following discount is offered to staff family members (kids / siblings)

Number of Registered Student in Class  –>  Price for Staff Family Members

1-3 student –> Free
4-5 students –> 75% of tuition
6 students or more –> 100% of tuition

General Rules

  • Must buy all textbooks for the class
  • Must register and pay for insurance
  • No registration fee, maintenance fee
  • Payment method: first 2 months by cash, afterwards by bank autopay (autopay charges applies)
  • Teacher do not get a student bonus for staff discount students, so it can be a good idea to present your teacher a little gift
  • Must fill in all application forms
  • Must attend class as much as possible (be like a regular student), do revision and homework
  • No make-up classes
  • Must be well-behaved and not add to class management burden. When student creates problems, teacher has the right to request student to leave
  • Must pick-up on time
  • KEYS reserve the right to change and terminate this discount, or registration of the student, at any time.

How to apply

Email Doris indicating desired class and student info, including English experience.